Bring us to Redang

Bring us to Redang “带我们去热浪” (07 - 09 Sept 12)

CONGRATULATION for making this charity event, "Bring Us To Redang" a successful one at Redang Beach Resort (Official).

“Bring Us to Redang” is organised by House of Joy (Children's Home), coorganised by Fusion of Love, main sponsored by Redang Beach Resort (Official).

Further info about this event:- 

View the videos as follows:
1) 歌手为孤儿园梦 爱心歌声洋溢热浪岛 

2) 带我们去热浪 孤儿艺人互飙才艺 

3) 带我们去热浪 圆孤儿旅游梦 

4) Fusion of Love 1 mins preview 

5) Performance by House of Joy's Kids