A fixed amount of non-refundable deposit per person must be paid upon reservation and the balance must be paid up before 21 days prior to the date of departure. Cancellation fees per person shell be imposed as following: 

  1. More than 30 days before departure: 20% of total fare or deposit whichever is higher
  2. 21 days to 29 days before departure: 50% of total fare.
  3. Under 21 days before departure'. 100% of total fare.
  1. Travel Insurance & Personal Expenses
  1. The organizer accept no responsibility for any loss, injury or damage to your or your belongings resulting directly or indirectly from occurrences beyond its control including breakdown in equipment, strikes, war, theft, delays medical or customers regulations, cancellations, charges in there in or schedule etc . It is the responsibility at the tour member to buy insurance. Neither the organizers nor any person or agent assisting with it is liable for any loss, injury, accident, damage or delay which may occur during a tour holiday.
  2. Save keeping of travel documents are the responsibilities of persons taking the tours.
  3. The organizer shall not be held responsible for deportation or refused of entry by Immigration authorities to/of tour members resulting from the possession of unlawful items or holding improper travel documents or other causes of whose behaviour and activities are considered as no refund to tour member who had been refused entry.
  4. If necessary, the organizers reserve the right to offer itineraries, travel arrangement, hotel accommodation. The organizer also reserves the rights to cancel or withdraw at any time booking made by or on behalf of clients. In which events to liabilities whatever shall be borne by the organizer in respect of such cancellations or withdraw but money paid by such clients booking fees shall refund to them.
  5. No refund or reduction will be made to any person who does not participate in any meal sightseeing or accommodations during the course of the tour.
  6. Tour fare is subject to currency fluctuations or increase in or fare and group arrangement cost.
  7. The ticket issued is a special ticket restricted to certain airlines only and has no refund value after used.
  8. Any alteration on the routing or change of the date of travel by passenger is solely at his/her own risk. The organizers shall not be held responsible for any inconvenience caused and extra expenses incurred.
  9. The organizer reserved the right to require any person to withdraw from the tour if it is deemed that this person act or conduct is offensive to incompatible with the comfort of other clients and the organizer shall be under no further liability to any such person.
  10. The organizer reserved the rights to utilize any Group Photograph taken during the tour for commercial purpose.
  11. The organizer reserves the rights to recall or reassign only tour leader at/during the execution of the tour. However, every due consideration will be studied before such action shall be taken. In such event, a new tour leader will be assigned to the effected group.